Продажба на пиана

Pianos and Grand Pianos for rent

We can offer a wide selection of pianos and grand pianos. Whether it’s an event, concert, home or office, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for the cheapest piano or grand piano offer. We also offer a great option to purchase the instrument later by deducting all rental installments from the price.

Tuning and intonation

At home or in the concert hall, the piano should be on top level. For this, we can offer the best tuners in the country. Your piano can sound even better with the treatment of the hammers and techniques of intonation applied. You have the opportunity to reinforce a specific register in the piano frequency range.This very precise activity is done by a few specialists, but we are happy that we work with some of the best in the industry.

Акордиране и интониране
ремонт на пиано

Repair and restoration

External and technical repairs – everything is possible with us. Complete restoration of pianos and grand pianos, performed according to state-of-the-art technology. Our specialists have all the necessary certificates, trained in the most renowned Western European like Blüthner and Bechstein and of course Feurich. We have a repair base for outdoor restoration with the possibility of quality painting and decorating with about 300 square meters of area. We have the opportunity to take any kind of piano and grand piano repairs. You can count on our consultations in every sphere of production, repair and purchase of the piano.

Transport and moving

Move your piano with the best in the industry. Feurich Bulgaria is part of a European network for transportation and relocation of pianos and grand pianos. Our clientele in this segment extends across Europe. We can transport your piano or grand piano at the lowest possible price in Bulgaria and Europe for the quality we offer. Our employees are responsible and able to take maximum care of your piano. We have all the necessary insurance, and if the client is willing to add an additional one. We have been trusted by clients from Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, England and others.

  • Transport in hard-to-reach areas
  • Transcontinental transport
  • Pallet transport and forwarding
  • Packaging and delivery to home
Транспорт на пиано